Monday, July 18, 2011

More About Our Upcoming Book: Harmony on the Farm

With the recent endorsements we want to share more about the upcoming book with our growing fan base.  Here is a little more about what to expect when Harmony on the Farm hits the bookshelves this December.

Summary:  Harmony is a young girl who spends an ideal day on her Granddad’s farm befriending cows, chickens, pigs, and turkeys.  Harmony and her Granddad roam around the Farm naming all the new babies that were born on the farm.  In the story’s pivotal moment, Harmony and her mother go shopping for groceries and, while in the meat section, Harmony learns that meat comes from the same animals she just befriended and named.  With this knowledge, Harmony and her mother turn toward Vegetarianism and the world of other foods that are available to them.

Written by: Sean R. Smith
Illustrated by: Jess Yeomans
For Ages: 4-8
Estimated Release Date: December, 2011

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