Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We Have An Official Logo for Harmony Prime!

After receiving 93 entries from talented creatives from all over the world through, we have our official logo for Harmony Prime!!  The new logo can be seen to the right.  This logo will become the identity for all we hope to accomplish with Harmony Prime:  protection of animals and the environment.  Publishing of our first children's book, Harmony on the Farm, will be our first major milestone.

Sarah Suryatenggara from Turkey was the artist and the winner of the logo design!  We love the simplicity of the logo and the messages that it sends of protection of animals, protection of the environment and promotion of vegetarianism.  The design uses earthy colors to represent the environment.  Animal prints (paw, hoof and bird) are used for the "leaves" and "branches" of the tree to represent various animal life.  A tree is used to represent vegetarianism with the trunk doubling as a fish fin or wave to represent marine life.

We were amazed at all of the 93 incredible entries we received on CrowdSpring and the professionalism of all of the talented artists that submitted entries.  It was very difficult to choose a winner but we felt the logo that we chose best showcased our message.

If you would like to contact the artist that designed our logo please email Sarah.

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