Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jon Mack Endorses Harmony on the Farm!

We are thrilled to add the endorsement of actress Jon Mack to our endorsements from Jeffrey Hollender, Portia de Rossi, Ed Begley, Jr., Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Kris Carr for our forthcoming children's book, Harmony on the Farm!

Jon is an accomplished actress, musician and model.  She is best known for her role as Ava Gardner in the 1999 biopic Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. As lead singer of her band Auradrone, Jon has worked to release three albums to date. Jon is also a connoisseur of raw food vegan dishes.  Look for Jon in the upcoming movies "Playing the Field" and "Straight A's" both due out in 2012.

Here is Jon's endorsement, "Bravo Harmony! Not only a story to educate children about where their food comes from but a brilliant way to teach them the value of lives....all living things. Thank you for writing this. An important addition to ANY child's education and formative reading material!" – Jon

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