Monday, February 25, 2013

KickStarter: Harmony on the Ocean!

We Need Your Help!

Please help our KickStarter Project and help us to get Harmony on the Ocean made into a new children's book! 

We Need More Harmony! 

Harmony on the Ocean will be the 2nd book in a series covering the adventures of Harmony, who first discovered what it meant to care for animals and be a vegetarian inHarmony on the Farm.
Harmony on the Ocean will follow Harmony as she learns about the beautiful creatures in the ocean and the dangers they face from commercial fishing.  Harmony will come to understand the need to protect sea life and will decide to do her part by adopting a plant-based diet. 
This will be a beautifully colorful children's book filled with hope and illustrated by the Harmony on the Farm artist, Jess Yeomans

Where did the Idea Come From?

The idea for Harmony on the Ocean came from my visit to two aquariums that will remain nameless.  They each provided a valuable educational service, introducing the public to beautiful sea creatures and educating the public about habitat destruction.  However, it was disappointing to learn that each aquarium's restaurant/snack bar seemed to miss the spirit of their institution's teaching - each menu included fish! 
Following the mantra of "Be the change you wish to see in the world", Harmony will see the issue with eating her friends and will decide to adopt a plant-based diet.  Harmony will realize, as she did in Harmony on the Farm, that her food choices have a real impact on the world around her.  

How You Can Help!

Join the stars that supported Harmony the first time around - Alona Pulde, M.D. & Matthew Lederman, M.D.;  Kris Carr;  Joel Fuhrman, M.D.; Jon Mack; Jeffrey Hollender;  Portia de Rossi;  and Ed Begley, Jr. - and help us continue the adventures of Harmony!
1. Help Harmony continue her adventures by selecting a pledge level! 
2. Buy a copy of Harmony on the Farm.
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Harrison Ford Poster

The $2500 Reward Poster signed by Harrison Ford is listed below.  This is a one-of-a-kind picture mosaic of Harrison Ford signed in 2004 for the Transform the Earth Foundation.  This was created By Sean R. Smith for the Transform the Earth Foundation project. 

Signed Harrison Ford Poster
Signed Harrison Ford Poster

The Result!

The result of this KickStarter project will be a beautifully illustrated children's book following Harmony as she learns about marine life and marine habitats and deciding that she must adopt a plant based diet to help save the oceans. The book will be for sale along side Harmony on the Farm on

Risks and challenges

Since this is the second Harmony book in the series, many of the difficulties that delayed the publishing of the first book, Harmony on the Farm (website design, book design, etc.) will be much easier this time.
As with all book development, there could be unforeseen issues that slow the project down but it is my goal to ensure this book is made!

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